“Yusef’s journey, like Malcolm X’s, has been one of transformation and resurrection.” Grace Lee Boggs, 2010”

i am a product of the larger narrative of oppression of Black Bodies.
i am more than a story.
i grew through Black pain but matured through Black love.
i am the aspirations of my grandparents.
i am the heart of my mother.
i am the determination of my father.
i am the joy of my sons.
i am the pride of my neighborhood.
i am the dreams of my dead homies.
i am the hope of the incarcerated, fighting for liberation and dignity.

YBS Report

“I appreciate what you are doing to take the negative experiences through which God has brought you through to be the stepping stone to help younger brothers and sisters keep from making the same mistake that you made…You are engaged in as awesome ministry.” Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, 2012