Redemptive Soul


Redemptive Soul tells the complete story of Yusef Bunchy Shakur; being raised by a single teenage mother who used alcohol to cope with the many social challenges of raising a boy in urban Amerikkka. With a fatherless dysfunctional home abuse was element of commonality. He was expelled from all Detroit Public Schools by the tender age of 13. Being co-parented by the mean streets of Detroit, Yusef co-found the notorious gang “Z8ne” in Detroit, Mi. This allowed him to hit those mean streets with a vengeance. He turned gang banging and crime into a full-time occupation. Street life led him to being incarcerated as a teen for a crime he did not commit. After serving 9 years of incarceration, Yusef invites you to explore his 12-year journey through the many trails he faced reintegrating back into society as a redeemed man to only be socially rejected. This book is captivating.

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