• He pulls you deeper inside the depths of his soul with ground-breaking sequel My Soul Looks Back: Life Incarceration, which invites you to explore his decade long journey through the many challenges he faced trying to reintegrate back into society as a redeemed man. Although he was socially rejected every step of the way, he ultimately emerged as a college graduate, author, educator and well-respected neighborhood-community organizer and activist dedicated to RESTORING THE NEIGHBOR BACK TO THE HOOD.
  • Redemptive Soul tells the complete story of Yusef Bunchy Shakur; being raised by a single teenage mother who used alcohol to cope with the many social challenges of raising a boy in urban Amerikkka. With a fatherless dysfunctional home abuse was element of commonality. He was expelled from all Detroit Public Schools by the tender age of 13. Being co-parented by the mean streets of Detroit, Yusef co-found the notorious gang “Z8ne” in Detroit, Mi. This allowed him to hit those mean streets with a vengeance. He turned gang banging and crime into a full-time occupation. Street life led him to being incarcerated as a teen for a crime he did not commit. After serving 9 years of incarceration, Yusef invites you to explore his 12-year journey through the many trails he faced reintegrating back into society as a redeemed man to only be socially rejected. This book is captivating.
  • This book is a testament of familial love, taking the reader on a journey of redemption between a father and son that takes place in a hostile environment marked by racism and self-survival. It documents the powerful correspondence of an incarcerated father who desperately worked to repair a broken relationship with his incarcerated son, passing on the lessons of redemption and transformation.
  • By the time Yusef was a teenager, he was a gang banger in Detroit’s Zone-8, ruthless, heartless, and hopeless. Incarcerated as a teen for a crime he did not commit, Yusef met the father he never knew behind bars. The man had never been there for him was not helping him learn and grow—not into harden criminal, but a responsible adult.
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